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Uni POSCA PC-3M Water-Based Pigment Ink Markers Set of 16

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Rs. 2,200.00
Assorted set of 16 Uni POSCA PC-3M water-based pigment ink markers. Writes on virtually any surface with no bleed through on paper. The polyester bullet-shaped nib writes approx 1.5mm line. The set contains one each of blue, violet, red, orange, pink, yellow, beige, white, light blue, light green, green, brown, grey, silver, gold, and black.
POSCA works on most surfaces and is permanent on absorbent media such as paper and card, and can be removed from shiny surfaces with a scraper. To make permanent:
Paper/Card: No action needed - POSCA pigment will be absorbed into the fibers, making it permanent.
Terracotta: Bake in the oven at 220°C for 45 minutes, then spray with clear varnish.
Textiles: Iron on the reverse side.
Porcelain: Bake in the oven at 160°C for 45 minutes, optionally spray with clear varnish.
Metal: Spray with clear varnish.
Glass: Bake in the oven at 160°C for 45 minutes, then spray with clear varnish.
Wood: Spray with clear varnish.
Plastic: Spray with clear varnish.

Additional Information

Product Code: UN58034

Advance Mechanism: Capped

Ink Type: Liquid Ink, Water-based Paint, Metallic Ink, Waterproof Ink

Refill Type: Disposable

Tip Material: Plastic or Fibre

Tip Shape: Bullet

Tip Type: Porous