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Clay & Dough

  • Rs. 220.00

    Sakura Modelling Clay-100 gram

    Sakura modelling clay Air Dry Clay light Flexible & Colorful Smooth, soft and clean for hand.

    Rs. 220.00
  • Rs. 170.00

    Faber-Castell Modelling Dough - Pack of 6 (Assorted)

    Pack of 5 clays Modelling dough is soft and colorful knead able dough for children which is ideal for motor skill and sensory development in early...

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    Rs. 170.00
  • Rs. 160.00

    Pidilite Rangeela Moulding Dough - 5 Shades

    The water based glass colours are manufactured under the name of `hobby ideas glass colours - water based` and are used for painting on smooth sur...

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    Rs. 160.00
  • Rs. 115.00

    Pidilite Rangeela Moulding Dough 8 Shades

    Includes 4 Moulding Tools  Ideal for pre-school and primary school students  Net Weight 200gms  The kit contains 8 Moulding dough tubs of 25 gms e...

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    Rs. 115.00
  • Rs. 100.00

    Artline Super soft modelling dough

    This package contains: Modelling dough in 12 assorted colors of 15 grams each. 3 Play moulds. 1 Plastic Cutter& 1 Roller  Made from Natural ...

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    Rs. 100.00