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Pidilite Fine Art Canvas Board

Rs. 75.00
  • Sturdy Canvas - Sturdy and long-lasting acrylic and oil canvas pads for painting, mixed media drawings, and sketching. Unleash your imagination and let your ideas go wild with these. These provide enough space for your creative juices to get flowing.
  • 100% Cotton Canvas - This fine art canvas board set is crafted from 100% pure cotton. Cotton canvas boards last a long time, are stretchable and very flexible as a painting medium for artists. Students prefer it for large paintings, and it supports professional-grade paints on the surface well.
  • Zero percolation - Never worry about paints leaking from the back of these boards. The canvas has a double acrylic titanium priming that prevents any seepages from occurring on the rear side.
  • Environment-friendly - Agro-based particle canvas boards are very eco-friendly and safe for the environment. They are non-toxic and don't leave any harmful residue when you paint over them. The canvas is extremely durable and most modern painting techniques can be applied to it.
  • All-inclusive product - This set of canvas boards are ideal for beginners and artists. The texture is medium-grain and the boards are suitable for creating fluid artworks. Texture painting and oil painting are supported as well.