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KOI Watercolors Field Box Set of 12 Colors

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Rs. 900.00
This portable watercolor set is perfect for painting on the go, whether you're visiting the countryside, relaxing at the beach, or taking a stroll through the city. The set comes in a sturdy plastic case that slips easily into a small bag or purse.

This set includes:


  • 12 half-pan size watercolors, formulated to blend easily for creating an endless range of colors.
  • A small size refillable water brush that can be used to store water when packed.
  • A snap lid that acts as palette.
  • A sponge for dabbing the water brush.
  • A ring on the underside of the kit for easy holding with one hand while painting.
This set includes 12 colors: Chinese White, Cobalt Blue Hue, Crimson Lake, Deep Yellow, Ivory Black, Lemon Yellow, Light Red, Prussian Blue, Vermillion Hue, Viridian Hue, Yellow Green, and Yellow Ochre.