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Faber-Castell 6 Tempera Paints

Rs. 50.00

Extraordinarily vibrant Tempera Paints. Packed with pigment these paints won’t peel, chip or flake, providing a professional result for young artists.


  • Ready-mix tempera are ready to use paints in bright playful colours specially developed for early age
  • Use of ready-mix tempera is ideal for motor skill and sensory development in early childhood
  • Ready-mix tempera also offers expression of creativity through colouring and painting activities, giving young children a sense of achievement
  • 1) Non toxic and completely safe for children age 3+
  • 2) Ready to use and mess free paints
  • 3) Washable from most surfaces including hands, skin and some fabrics
  • 4) Unique vibrant colours give easy flow and great coverage
  • 5) Dries to opaque finish and can be diluted with water for transparent effect