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Daler Rowney Neon Colours set of 6

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Rs. 600.00

Daler-Rowney products touch the lives of artists in every step of their artistic journey, from early childhood drawings to abstract canvases to adorn walls. We endeavor to inspire artists of all ages and open up new opportunities for their need to create. Daler-Rowney is renowned as a world-leading, fine art materials, supplier, and the Simply range is tailored to the growing entry-level market, suitable for everyone from home use to students and the beginner.

Neon and Glow in the dark acrylic paint set are great vibrant colors that can be used on all conventional art surfaces such as paper, artboard canvases, etc. Use the glow in the dark paint to create luminescent features to your creations. For maximum intensity, work on a bright white surface and avoid mixing colors.

This Set of 6X12ML Includes 5 Neon colors, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Green & 1 Glow in the dark paint. Poster Colors with a high degree of opacity and color strength for design, illustration and gouache painting.