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Daler rowney gouache paints tube set of 12

Rs. 2,600.00
An Introduction Set of 12 Aquafine Gouache colours from Daler Rowney.

Aquafine Gouache colours are made from a selection of modern high-quality pigments milled to perfection to offer optimal performance, control and opacity. Gouache colour is a water based paint that offers a matt and opaque finish not found in watercolour.

It is fast-drying, denser and more reflective than transparent watercolour, and has always been used widely by manuscript illuminators and by miniature painters. Nowadays it is used mostly by professional designers working on illustrations for graphic reproduction.

Formulated with the same pigments as Aquafine Watercolour and Aquafine Ink, Aquafine Gouache bridges modernity and tradition with an innovative range ideal for mixed media as well as traditional techniques.

Contents: 009 Titanium White, 620 Cadmium Yellow Hue, 503 Cadmium Red Hue, 537 Permanent Rose, 578 Portrait Pink, 112 Coeruleum Hue, 110 Cobalt Blue Hue, 123 Ultramarine Blue Deep, 663 Yellow Ochre, 221 Burnt Sienna, 223 Burnt Umber and 034 Ivory Black. Colours subject to change.