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Flair Write more kit 150- Combo of assorted 14 pcs

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Rs. 150.00
  • Flair write more kit 150
  • Combo of assorted 14 pcs.
  • Kit contains: 1pc Flair writo-meter jumbo gel pen, Flair Formula-1 Gel pen, 1pc Flair topper ball pen, 1pc Flair inky roller pen, 1pc Flair Inky roller cartridges, 1pc Flair 15cm scale, 1pc Flair Willy Eraser, 1pc Flair Xtra strong lead tube (0.7mm), 1pc Flair Tango Mechanical Pencil (0.7mm), 1Pc Flair Ultra-soft wax gel highlighter, 2pcs Flair Glitter sparkle gel pens, 1pc Flair Permanent marker.
  • Perfect for kid return gift favors, kid gifting etc