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Camlin/Camel Artist Acrylic Colour 500ml- Grey

Rs. 720.00
  • Camel Artist Acrylic Colour 500ml are the most versatile of all colors
  • Camel Artists’ Acrylic Colours are soft, creamy and give excellent results when mixed with acrylic medium or water
  • They can also be used directly from the jar to obtain relief texture by application of thick paint with a palette knife and large areas can be built up without fear of cracking
  • They adhere to a great variety of surfaces like canvas, wood, and earthenware

Camel Artist Acrylic Colour 500ml Loose offers artists a generous supply of high-quality acrylic paint for their creative projects. Each bottle contains 500ml of richly pigmented paint, providing ample coverage and vibrant color intensity. The smooth consistency of the acrylic paint allows for easy application, blending, and layering, making it suitable for a wide range of artistic techniques. With its excellent lightfastness and durability, the paint ensures long-lasting and fade-resistant artwork. Whether you're a professional artist or a passionate hobbyist, Camel Artist Acrylic Colour 500ml Loose is a reliable choice for expressing your creativity on a larger scale.