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Paper Punch

  • Rs. 85.00

    Kangaro One Hole 4.5 Paper Punch FP-20

    Punching Capacity 10 sheets Punching diameter - 4.5mm Punches minimum of one hole Color of the product delivered is subject to stock availability

    Rs. 85.00
  • Rs. 205.00

    Kangaro DP-500 Punching Machine

    Kangaro Paper Punch DP-500. All Kangaro Product Available Punching Machine, Stapler, Stapler Pin.

    Rs. 205.00
  • Rs. 105.00

    Kangaro DP-280 Punching Machine

    Punching Capacity of 11 sheets Punching diameter - 5.5mm Punching distance - 80mm Punching machine with removable chip tray Durable all metal cons...

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    Rs. 105.00
  • Rs. 110.00

    Kangaro DP-480 Punching Machine

    Punching Capacity of 12 sheets Punching diameter - 5.5mm, Punching distance - 80mm Metal construction Color of the product delivered is subject to...

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    Rs. 110.00
  • Rs. 465.00

    Kangaro DP-700 Punching Machine

    Punching capacity of 36 sheets Punching diameter - 6mm, Punching distance - 80 mm Contains chip tray and paper guide Heavy duty punch Colour of th...

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    Rs. 465.00
  • Rs. 157.00

    Kangaro DP-600 Paper Punch

    Punching capacity of 22 sheets Punching diameter - 5.5 millimeters, Punching distance - 80 millimeters Medium size punch Silky touch Colour of the...

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    Rs. 157.00