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  • Rs. 900.00

    Milan ceramic cutter

    Replaceable ceramic blade tool With safety lock system and slider button Small size, "pocket" size With its ergonomic design Ideal fo...

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    Rs. 900.00
  • Rs. 150.00

    Milan Eraser & Pencil Compact (BYM10323)

    Thickness 0.7mm  2 extra eraser  2b pencil  Eraser can me replaceable after using last 

    Rs. 150.00
  • Rs. 145.00

    Milan Eraser & Pencil Capsule ( BYM10306)

    Thickness 1.3mm  2 extra eraser refill  2b pencil  Eraser can be replaced after finishing the last  Good for kids  Usable for mechanical 

    Rs. 145.00