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Kobra Files

  • Rs. 50.00

    Special Cobra File

    Eco friendly Extended durability Thick, Long & strong clip Usage: Office, School

    Rs. 50.00
  • from Rs. 25.00

    Cobra Files No.2000

    Spring Cobra File Paper Cobra File Assorted Colors

    from Rs. 25.00
  • Rs. 204.00

    World one report file- A4 size (Pack of 5)

    World one report file Size- A4 Quantity: 5pcs A4 size files

    Rs. 204.00
  • Rs. 204.00

    World one Spring Kobra file- A4 size (Pack of 2)

    World one spring kobra file  Size- A4 Stainless clip Kobra wire for easy removal of desired paper Quantity: 2 A4 size files

    Rs. 204.00