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Art & Architecture

Art & Architecture

Bansals is a leading arts and crafts, Drafting Materials, stationery shop in India, Gurgaon. Find drawing table, flip chart stand, architect materials, fashion designing materials and much more at best prices. Shipping free on orders above Rs.2000 in India. Shop online. Great deals on bulk orders.
  • Rs. 1,095.00

    Casio Scientific Calculator- Fx-991MS

    Casio calculator fx-991MS Pack contains- 1 Calculator  Base n calculations 2 line display Matrix/vector calculations Complex number calculations C...

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    Rs. 1,095.00
  • Sold out
    Rs. 228.00

    Staedtler yellow pencil (134)- Pack of 12

    Steadtler yellow pencil pack of 12 Yellow pencil 134- 2B Created from sustainably managed forest

    Rs. 228.00
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    Rs. 100.00

    Flair Clixx Bold 0.9 mm Mechanical pencil Pack of 10

    Fine Grip Blue color  

    Rs. 100.00
    Sold out
  • Rs. 200.00
  • Rs. 216.00

    Staedtler Norica- Pack of 12 (132 46-HB)

    Steadtler Norica Graphite pencils with eraser tip Steadtler 132 46-HB

    Rs. 216.00
  • Rs. 975.00

    Casio Scientific Calculator-Fx-100MS

    Casio scientific calculator Fx-100Ms Pack contains- 1 Calculator  2 Line display 300 functions Integration/Differential Calculations

    Rs. 975.00
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    Rs. 120.00

    Deli Magnifier No. 9091- 60mm

    Deli Magnifier No.9091 60 mm Diameter Double lens 3x & 6x Clear convex lens Racket style

    Rs. 120.00
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  • Rs. 675.00
  • Rs. 160.00

    Casio Electronic Calculator-LC-160LV

    Casio calculator LC-160LV Pack contains- 1 Calculator  8 Digits Extra Large Display Cover folds a full 360 degrees

    Rs. 160.00
  • Rs. 495.00

    Casio Electronic Calculator- MJ100Da

    Casio calculator MJ-100Da 150 Steps Check Pack contains- 1 Calculator  Check and correct Indian digit separator 10 Digits Extra Large Display

    Rs. 495.00
  • Rs. 385.00

    Casio Electronic Calculator- MJ-12Sb

    Casio calculator MJ-12Sb 150 Steps Check Pack contains- 1 Calculator  Check and correct Indian digit separator 12 Digits

    Rs. 385.00
  • Rs. 795.00

    Casio Electronic Calculator- DJ-120D-Plus

    Casio calculator DJ-120D- Plus 300 step check Pack contains- 1 Calculator  Grand total memory Correct/Auto review Recheck with sound assist Indian...

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    Rs. 795.00
  • Rs. 550.00

    Casio Scientific Calculator- Fx-82MS (Non-programmable)

    Casio calculator fx-82MS 2nd edition 2 line display Pack contains- 1 Calculator  Comes with slide on hard case Fraction Calculations Multi-Replay ...

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    Rs. 550.00
  • Rs. 87.00

    Magnifying Glass- 60mm

    Clear Magnifying glass 60 mm

    Rs. 87.00
  • Rs. 380.00

    Solo LED Magnifier LM777

    Solo LED Magnifier LM777 67mm lens diameter 3X magnification Fine glass to see minutest objects Runs on 3 'AA' alkaline batteries (not included)

    Rs. 380.00
  • Rs. 400.00

    Camlin/Camel Artist Acrylic Colors | Assorted 12 shades | 9 ml Each

    1. Pack contains 12 shades Of Artist Acrylic Colours, 9 ml each  2. Compatible with various porous surfaces like primed/unprimed canvas, wood, pap...

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    Rs. 400.00
  • Rs. 595.00

    Casio Electronic Calculator- MJ120 GST

    Casio calculator MJ-120GST GST calculations 200 Steps Check Pack contains- 1 Calculator  Check and correct Indian digit separator 12 Digits

    Rs. 595.00
  • Rs. 1,395.00

    Casio Scientific Calculator- Fx-991ES Plus

    Casio calculator fx-991ES Plus 2 line display Pack contains- 1 Calculator  Equation Solver 9 variable memories 417 functions Easy menu function Di...

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    Rs. 1,395.00
  • Sold out
    Rs. 275.00

    Casio Electronic Calculator- MS-6NC-WE

    Casio calculator MS-6NC-WE Pack contains- 1 Calculator  Large display 8 Digits Plastic Keys Tax Calculations Two way power

    Rs. 275.00
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  • Sold out
    Rs. 395.00

    Casio Electronic Calculator- SL-1000TW-RD

    Casio calculator SL-1000TW-RD Pack contains- 1 Calculator (assorted colours) Extra large display Tax calculations Comes with wallet type case 10 D...

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    Rs. 395.00
    Sold out
  • Rs. 130.00

    Deli Magnifier No. 9090- 75mm

    Deli Magnifier No.9090 75 mm Diameter Magnifies about 2.5 times Assisstantly magnify 5 times Racket style

    Rs. 130.00
  • Rs. 100.00

    Deli Magnifier No. 9092

    Deli Magnifier No.9092 50 mm Diameter Magnifies about 3 times Assisstantly magnify 6 times Racket style

    Rs. 100.00