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Camlin 2 IN 1 Geometry and Pencil Box

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Rs. 200.00

Featuring two different compartments, this stylish and transparent Camlin pencil box helps you carry your pen, pencil and geometric instruments, among other things, without any hassle.


This sleek and spacious pencil box from Camlin is made from durable plastic, and it doubles up as a geometry box, so you have a dedicated compartment even for your geometric instruments.

Multiple Instruments

It comes with a compass, 45-degree set square, 60-degree set square, 180-degree protractor, divider, 0.7-mm pencil, 2.0-mm pencil, sharpener, 15-centimetre scale, 0.7-mm half-size pen pencil, 0.7-mm lead tube and an eraser. All the instruments have clear markings to make for accurate geometric measurements.